Georgina Forbes' abstract landscape paintings express the energy of the earth and the elements that are life.  Her layers of color create a sense of being and place by referring to earth, air, fire, and especially water, the primary medium of her work.  These paintings are filled with light, the kind of light that rivets attention, commands memory, and touches deeply.

Pouring and layering acrylic washes of vivid color, Forbes evokes a sense of spirit as well as the fluid nature of landscape, playing with abstract compositions of many hues, patterns and shapes. "My dialog is with the liquid colors as they meet each other under a variety of circumstances which I create," Forbes explains. "This process allows me to follow each wash in a responsive state as the paint opens up unforeseen realms of possibility."  Her paintings provoke memory in timelessness. Forbes succeeds in painting the light in the air. She gives us just enough suggestion to invite very personal participation in viewing her work.

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